Internet Therapy Apps for Depression: An easy and cost-effective must-have to aid treatment


One of the biggest difficulties a relative of a depressed patient faces is forcing the depressed one to visit the doctor for therapy. The patients feel ashamed to open up before the therapist. Self-pity, self-hatred, not interested in anything in life, etc. may be the reasons. But eventually, it is the essential treatment that suffers due to their self-negligence.

But, hold on, it’s 2019 and we have something called the Internet and the various mobile apps. No wonder a face-to-face therapy cannot take the place of virtual Internet therapy. Still, it can definitely act as an aid to face-to-face counseling if it is not possible on a regular basis.  Here is the scientific evidence for that.

A Study reported in conducted in Indiana University, the USA in 2018 has reviewed 21 pre-existing studies involving 4781 participants that show that these kinds of therapies do help in depressed patients even those having severe symptoms.

Below is a link to the list of few of the recent Depression Apps reported in that one can try.

Click here.

One of the recent addition to the list may be one of my personal favorite app i.e. as it provides a personalized approach to not only treating mental illness but also improves one’s overall quality of life holistically.

So, grab one of them that suits your taste and perspective for a daily based session of therapy that one can never miss out to go to.