How can you help your depressed closed one?



First of all, tell them that they are absolutely fine. It’s just a passing mood. You make them feel diseased and they are diseased.

Secondly, remind them how unique and beautiful their life has been. Make them realize there are things others are devoid of that they are having plentifully. There’s nobody who possesses everything. There’s also no one who possesses nothing. We all have something special that life has to offer.

Try a 21-days Subconscious mind feeding practice. It takes 21 days for our subconscious mind to accept something. So, here are the steps.

  1. Select a time and place that must be kept constant. (Mind well, it’s a must for the method to work)
  2. Try to feed positive things as much as possible to the depressed mind. Music, jokes, videos, books, counseling, try anything. Powerful, positive thoughts and most importantly sprinkled with LOVE over them is the key.

Thirdly, do not say anything that can invoke comparison in the minds of the depressed for at least a couple of months until their condition has improved. Sometimes, we compare a lot. We do not possess something, that’s fine. But why the other person possesses it becomes a matter of worry for us. And this thought flows through the minds of the depressed almost always knowingly or unknowingly.

Fourth thing, indulge them in one or the other hobby. They will definitely deny that but you are the one who’s going to encourage them they possess that special talent in them. “Oh, wow such a nice painting you’ve made.”, “Such a masterpiece you’ve written.”, “You’re such a hidden talent, I must say.” These must the tone of your encouragement to do something apart from the routine life.

“A mind pre-occupied with powerful positive thoughts can never get the chance to indulge itself in negative destructive depressing thoughts.”

So, that’s it.  Your closed will soon get out of it. And you’ll be the reason. All the best for that.