God’s Amazing Plans…question Them to Hate Him…..bliss Lies in Trust

“God’s will is like a jigsaw puzzle, you won’t be able to see the whole picture until all the pieces are together” – Danny L. Deaube’.

God has got His own docket for things to accomplish. Nothing can happen out of that pre-structured docket. Not even an ephemeral event has ever happened that was not listed in His chronicles. Nothing happens irrationally.

Some real-life stories to explain this

Allein Klein lost his wife at an early age. He wrote his first book, The Healing Power of Humor in her humorous wife’s remembrance. What if Allein would have himself gone into depression?

Meg Remien broke her spine in an accident. An idea of becoming a fashion designer suddenly strike through her mind while laying on the bed for hours. Whose voice indeed it was that she eventually could hear?

Karen Whitehead after going through an emotional turmoil and went back to school at 46 to become a psychotherapist. Today she has a private practice, ‘Karen Whitehead Counseling’, where she helps clients with stress, anxiety, cancer, and chronic illness. What if Karen had become an atheist cursing God every second rather than leading her life in a new direction?

Lastly, one personal experience. I discovered my passion for writing when my pharma career graph went in the negative direction! I almost cursed my life, my career and of course God when I realized that God has got some better plans for me rather than regular job i.e. freelancing!

The choice is yours

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” – John C. Maxwell.

The number of choices God provides us is very limited at times. But to choose the best one is definitely in our hands. The ruse lies in the quality of choices He provides us because He and only He knows what we are likely to choose out of a particular list of choices. How smart is He! Can’t stop praising Him all the time!

Thumbs up to TRUST, Thumbs down to DOUBT to experience MIRACLE!

One may definitely argue that if we only rely on God for our destiny and future, how can we ourselves make some effort for what we want in life? Is it possible? Well, the answer lies in TRUST rather than DOUBT.

We have to trust Him blindly, literally. Trusting him doesn’t mean sitting back and enjoying life without any kind of endeavor. We must seek out for whatever situations is in our control. For the rest, just lean on God’s back as an uprooted tree falling on the road. If you really, really trust Him; you’ll definitely be supported. Yes, you have been uprooted but He’ll not allow you to fall on the road. Miracle, right? Yes, exactly that is what is going to happen.

He has got the whole Blueprint of the LifeScript

Well, God’s plans are not only for us. He always has got the larger picture. His concern lies in the benefit to the world as a whole rather than one single individual.

Each and every one of us has got a specific purpose in life. God is there just as a driver to deliver us to the proper destination which we ourselves sometimes are unaware of!

The greatest director and scriptwriter of all times, He satiates each and every character of His movie, The Life of all! One can easily get baffled until the climax because the screenplay is awesome.

And as we all know, all is well that ends well because, in the end, it’s always living happily ever after. One may feel there are so many stories having tragic ends. But that is where the whole point is. What we feel is the end is actually a new beginning. The story doesn’t end there as there is no such word as ‘tragedy’ in God’s dictionary. It’s only that the other side of the coin is invisible. Flip the coin to see the other side.

 Please don’t forget to trust Him more than yourself.

You’ll cross the river (life) with Him as your boat!… So smile and get started on the joy ride with the greatest company (HIM)